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Nicknames and the Bingo Caller

Anyone who has ever played bingo has no doubt experienced the antics of a witty bingo caller. You know, that guy (or gal) that stands up in front of everybody, methodically calling out the numbered balls that he draws. Given that some bingo callers are less enthusiastic than others, the job is still just as important.

There is one defining attribute that stands out amongst bingo callers, and that is how they announce the numbers. You can always identify the less-exuberant ones simply by the way they call out the numbers as plainly as they come. In other words, if "B1" comes up, that is exactly what the caller announces. However, an enthusiastic caller who loves his job might add a catchy nickname to it, saying something like, "B1, Kelly's Eye."

With names such as, "man alive," "knock at the door," and "little Jimmy," to name a few, it should be rather clear that bingo is home to some of the weirdest nicknames. Moreover, bingo halls are not the only place you will find these nicknames either. Virtual bingo halls such as the one found at http://www.partybingo.com/ use catchy nicknames too. So it may actually be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology before playing; otherwise, you may be left in a stupor as you try and decipher what is actually being said.

Some bingo calls make a little more sense than others. For example, sometimes when the number "88" is called, it is sometimes referred to as "two fat ladies," which would make sense considering that the number eight looks like a crude image of a large woman's silhouette. The number "2" is oftentimes referred to as "me and you," which also makes sense considering the phrase "me and you" indicates a pair. Still though, other numbers make no sense or have an unknown origin. The number "1" for example, is sometimes referred to as "buttered scone," which can raise a few eyebrows.

Some bingo advocates question whether or not bingo callers should use nicknames, or just keep it simple as sometimes being as straightforward as possible is the best approach. One thing is for sure though; an enthusiastic bingo caller is most likely going to use nicknames because it livens up the mood and adds a sense of humor to the bingo match.