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Compete Online While Playing Free Shanghai Mahjong


Compete Online While Playing Free Shanghai Mahjong

Mouse Games is the developer behind Shanghai Mahjong – a free gaming app compatible with Android devices. This game is ideal for a single player. The objective of the game involves the attempt to remove all of the tiles on the board by matching up pairs of symbols. The tiles in the game have Chinese symbols and characters on them. This app allows you to submit your score online so you can compete with other Mahjong players. Your online score is the result of all scores submitted over the course of time.

Shanghai Mahjong has a file size of 998K. The game takes mere moments to download and install. Shanghai Mahjong requires that you have an Android Operating System of 1.5 or greater to play. Mouse Games gives the application a content rating of Everyone.

When you load Shanghai Mahjong on your device for the first time, you will see four control buttons positioned beneath the game logo. The buttons include “New Game,” “Game Center,” “Help,” and “More Games.” If you tap on “New Game,” a Mahjong game loads. The virtual table is green and the tiles are white, red, black, green, and blue. Your score appears in the upper left hand corner of the game window.

When you tap on a tile, it makes a light sound. When you match two tiles you will hear a light gong sound. If you click on ‘Game Center,” you will reveal the leaderboards, your profile, and you can access additional games as well. If you complete a game, a loud gong sound plays. The app reveals your score at the end of the game along with the amount of time it took you to complete the game. You will see four buttons following each game including a restart button, new game button, submit score button, and main menu button.

The ease of navigation and game play is what makes Shanghai Mahjong so fun to play. There are no complex game rules and the app is super easy to navigate. The tiles are colorful, visually pleasing, and rendered with realistic perfection. The sound effects allow for relaxing gaming experience without becoming overly obtrusive. This game is easy for beginners of Mahjong too. When a mismatch is made or when you choose a blocked tile, the match will not disappear from the board.

You can download Shanghai Mahjong free at Google Play. You can also play at

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