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Action Poker Is A Powerful Hotspot Online


Action Poker Is A Powerful Hotspot Online

As a trusted online poker network since 1999, Action Poker continues to deliver on its promise of action-packed poker games and tournaments. Designed in red and black with images of poker chips, this poker site means business when it comes to poker games. The software used by the site is licensed from the Action Poker Network or APN, a company known for its reputation when it comes to multi-player software. The site provides a platform where players and poker enthusiasts from all over the world can play against each other. Action Poker delivers all these games in a safe and fair gaming environment and simply taking just a small portion from the pot.

The website is owned and operated by Ecom Enterprise NV, a subsidiary of Playsafe Holding AS and the same company is listed in Norway (OTC). All the games and transactions are powered by Playsafe Holdings and its random number generator is backed by iTech Labs, thus making the games fair and highly secured. Read on to learn more about this poker powerhouse that offers gambling to players around the globe.

Poker is the star in Action Poker. There are two (2) general types of poker games that can be played on the site. Players will be given the chance to play Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo. A variation of 7 Stud, the Hold’em game where players will wait until the Showdown to reveal the hands that will be considered the winner. The rankings of the best poker hands is listed on the page, thus new players on the site who want to try of this version of poker should not worry. For players looking for more excitement, then the Omaha game can be played. Again, players will battle it out in the Showdown where hands are revealed. The winner is based on the winning hands, using the combination of two (2) pocket cards and three (3) community cards.

Tournaments are hosted on a regular basis that offer thrills and spice on the site. A buy-in requirement is in effect for all tournaments. Prizes will vary but the pot will be divided among the winners. Tournaments are hosted 24/7. Some of the best tournaments hosted include Sit N Go and Multi-Stage. Action Poker maintains a Referral Program that pays $1000 for the player who can refer the most number of friends.

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