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Enjoy 5Guys Roulette Free Online


Enjoy 5Guys Roulette Free Online

5Guys Roulette is a free, Flash-based application you can enjoy online. The game is a development by 5Guys Intractave Flash Games. You do not need special software in order to play the game. When you access the game online it will load in your Internet Browser, provided you have a Flash plug in. This game is most ideal for anyone who is already familiar with how the game of Roulette is played, since the game lacks any gaming instructions. The game is best for a mature audience since it serves up gambling simulations.

The first thing you will notice about 5Guys Roulette online is the ultra clean layout of the game’s design. In the right hand corner of the game window, you will see a small, rectangular black box – it is here you will see all the winning numbers/colors that come up. The information proves quite useful for tracking wins and looking for hot and cold numbers. The Roulette table is set against a richly colored, royal blue background. The betting table has a dark red surface and a pure white border running along the outer edges. The Roulette wheel located in the upper left corner of the game screen and at the edge of the Roulette table where it is mounted onto a caramel colored surface. This game fun music that plays along in the background.

In 5Guys Roulette, the wheel host a single zero compartment and a double zero pocket, so you are playing an American variant of the popular gambling game. In the lower left corner of the game screen, the application presents you with your credits, bet, amount, and betting chips. There are five chips including a place holder and 1, 5, 25, and 100 chip denominations. The spin button is next to the betting chips. The betting area hosts numbers in white fonts with red, black, or green backgrounds. The minimum bet is 1 credit and the maximum bet in 5Guys Roulette is 100 credits. When you click on the mouse driven spin button, the wheel rotates counterclockwise while the white ball moves around clockwise. You can hear the ball as it moves around the outer edge of the wheel and falls into a pocket. A marker appears on the betting area where the winning number/color appears.

You can get 5Guys Roulette free at The game is also available online free at

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