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Online Casino Blog Changes Up Publishing In February


Online Casino Blog Changes Up Publishing In February

Yep, we are making some changes. Our online casino blog will now post once every other week starting with today’s entry in the annals of online casino awesomeness. No longer will you receive weekly updates, but instead we will offer you a new tantalizing tidbit every other week on Wednesdays to entice you to new feats of online entertainment.

We decided to keep posting on Wednesdays for consistency and flow through. We apologize for telling you last month that we intended to keep up the same publishing schedule – we honestly thought that would be the case. However, the big wigs who are the powers that be have changed up the publishing for us to every other week on this blog.

What this means for us, is more time to game as there is less online writing to be done. So, in a way, you actually benefit from our reduced publishing schedule of once every other week. How, you say? Well, we will now be gaming even more, and be able to bring you the absolute best sites from all of our extra gaming time. So, that’s how you benefit from our change in publishing schedule. The more we game online, the better we can help you in finding the best places to gamble such as the most popular and well trafficked online casinos.

Our posts will still go live at 12:00. However, please be assured the Wednesday publishing and the 12:00 time frame WILL NOT change for the remainder of 2014. We may decide to publish more frequently, but we will not go less than every other week with some news about the online gambling world for you.

Remember, it’s a new year, and change is bound to happen. Why not change your future for the better by sharing your favorite sites from our archives with your online gambling friends? Even better, send them a friend referral from the casino of your choice so that you both can pocket a little extra entertainment bankroll in 2014. It is through online networking that we can continue to bring you the best in online gambling. The more you play, the more we play, and the better our information gets. So, share it with everyone you know and check back every other week for the latest and greatest we have to offer you in online gambling.

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