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Playing Craps Lite On Your Mobile Device


Playing Craps Lite On Your Mobile Device

Craps Lite is a gaming app developed by James Leno. The app is available in version 5.0 and the app developer updated the game on March 10, 2012. You can get Craps Lite as a 6.0MB file and the gaming app is available in Spanish and English. Craps Lite is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone and devices with an iOS 4.0 or greater. Read on to learn about the realistic game play, fun and functional game controls, and where you can access the Craps Lite game for your favorite mobile device. This game offers an excellent craps experience for gamers on the go who like that real live casino feel to their gaming.

Learn How Realistic Craps Lite Is For All Mobile Gaming Players

Craps Lite is a free gaming app delivering a realistic casino gaming experience. The app is ideal for adept Craps players as well as the neophyte looking to master the rules of the game. Craps Lite allows for all casino bets like hopping bets, plus newer bets like the Fire Bet. The calls are vocalized and there are more than 100 different stick calls. This gaming app has an “ask the dealer” button that you can click on if you want to know more about a bet and its payout; clicking on the button also reveals what you have bet and your potential winnings.

Learn How You Are Able To Choose Your Dice And Control Other Gaming Factors

In Craps Lite, you can choose from one of six different sets of dice. You can set your own preferences in the game and the app allows you to save a game or restore it so you can resume play at a more convenient time. You even have control over the color of the gaming table; you can choose a dark blue background, a sepia colored background, or a green betting table. Finally, this gaming app gives you full access to history graphs that track prior dice rolls.

Where Can I Play Craps Lite Games Online For Free Or Real Cash Money?

Version 5.0 of Craps Lite is upgraded with Spanish options and the new version improves gaming stability and performance. Betting chips are in denominations of $1.00, $5.00, and $25.00. You can get the game at the iTunes app store. It is also available at and

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