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Play Video Roulette Online For Plenty Of Enjoyment


Play Video Roulette Online For Plenty Of Enjoyment

Playtech developed a Video Roulette game in 2012. The features of the game are nothing short of spectacular and the game will revolutionize how you experience Roulette gaming online. From its impressive graphics to its remarkable features, Video Roulette adds a completely new dimension to Roulette.

Learn About The Wheel, Minimum And Maximum Bets And Percentages

First, the game has an outstanding layout. A history bar runs along the upper most edge of the gaming screen, revealing the most recent winning combinations. The minimum and maximum bets are indicated in the same area; in this game, you can wager $0.20 to $1000.00 per spin. Quick statistics are in the upper right hand corner, where you can see percentages for even, zero, odd, red, and black. Just beneath the graph, you can click on the “stats” icon where a round stat chart is revealed. If you hover your mouse over any part of the graph, it will reveal the winning percentages to you.

Learn About The Heat Map And Why You May Want To be Hot Or Cold

Video Roulette has a heat map too. If you click on the heat icon in the menu, the hot numbers on the board light up so you can figure out exactly what numbers you want to wager on when you are ready to place your bet. What is nice about the game is that it has a “hot” and “cold” icon. If you click on either of the latter icons, it will help you place a wager on the last four hot or cold numbers. Clicking on the icon more than once increases your wager.

Learn About The Special Wagers You Can Place Using Playtech Video Roulette

Video Roulette by Playtech has a special icon for special wagers as well. You can click on any wager listed and your bet will automatically be placed for you. When you spin the wheel, a small video loads where you can see a person spinning the Roulette Wheel.

Where Can I Play Video Roulette Games Online For Free Or Real Cash Money?

The Video Roulette game is available at Paddy Power Casino. You can also get it at You will find this video roulette game at most Playtech powered online gambling venues that offer the roulette games on their sites. It is a common game and a lot of fun.

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