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Get Betsoft’s Baccarat Online Gaming Experience For Free


Get Betsoft’s Baccarat Online Gaming Experience For Free

If you love nothing more than the challenge of trying to determine if a player or dealer’s hand will have the closest hand value of nine, then you will love Betsoft’s Baccarat. In Betsoft’s version of the game, if you bet that the dealer’s hand will win in a round, there is a 5% commission. All winning wagers for the banker and the player pay out even money in the game too. If you wager on a tie and win, the payout is 8 to 1.

Learn How Points Are Scored And How These Baccarat Points Can Rack Up Fast

In Betsoft’s Baccarat, Aces are worth one point. Face cards and tens are worth zero points. All other cards in the game carry the point value on the face of the cards in question. In the event a hand value is greater than ten, the rules of the game require that you subtract ten to get the Baccarat value. For example, if you are dealt a nine and you get another card that is a seven, your hand value is 16. If you subtract ten, the Baccarat value of your hand is six.

Learn About The Minimum And Mazimum Bets In This Betsoft Game Play Offering

Betsoft’s Baccarat allows for a minimum wager of $1.00 and a maximum wager of $100.00 per hand. When you put the chips on the table, you can hear the chips clicking and when the cards are dealt, it sounds like you are playing with a real deck of cards. After the cards are dealt to the dealer and player, you can see the hand values just above each hand. A male voice announces who wins the hand.

Learn How To Enlarge Your Screen For The Best Baccarat Game Play Experience

The game can be played in a small window, but you can also enlarge the game to play Baccarat in a full screen version. Virtual chips are available in $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, $100.00, and $500.00 denominations.

Where Can I Play This Fun Baccarat Game Online For Free Or Real Cash Money?

You can play the game free on Alternatively, you can get the game at There are many other online casinos and gaming venues which also offer the fun baccarat game play experience. We have chosen to share two of our favorites with you.

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