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Don’t Forget To Reward Your Friends In 2013


Don’t Forget To Reward Your Friends In 2013

If you have a lot of friends who play poker, then there is no better way to cement your friendship than to send them some offers for free casino money at your favorite poker venues. January tends to be a lean month for many families and online entertainment often gets paired down in the post holiday rush. After having to buy holiday gifts for family, friends, business associates and others to spread your holiday cheer, your own pocketbook can be suffering. This means you may not have all the money you want on hand to play poker online or on your favorite mobile device. So, it is also likely that your friends who play online poker casinos are in the same situation and could use a little post holiday bankroll boost. You can help by sending them refer a friend offers from your favorite online gambling venues and bingo halls.

Who Should I Send Friend Referral Offers To?

Well, there is a hard and fast rule in sending our promotional emails to friends, and that is to only send them to your friends. Many sites in the gambling industry frown on spamming your entire email inbox, and you can even get blacklisted from your favorite online gaming spot if you do so. We like the KISS rule – keep it simple, stupid. Not that we in any way, shape or form consider you stupid. This just means that you should only invite people you know, and preferably people who you already email or Facebook, or have other face to face contact with regularly. This way, your invitation to play a new casino is less likely to be seen as spam and you can follow up with a personal touch instead of just a form email – this greatly will increase your own referral bonuses as friends take advantage of your offers.

Be Smart – Only Send One Referral A Month To Each Friend

We’ve found that a single invitation to play on a casino per month to each friend’s email you know might be receptive is the best bet. Why? They will have a positive experience at the first casino, and be very welcoming to getting invited to more. However, they may only have bankroll to play a limited amount of new casinos monthly. Use your best judgment, but we’ve found this rule of thumb works well.

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