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Why Can’t I Register At This Casino?


Why Can’t I Register At This Casino?

One question we hear a lot is people wondering why a specific casino has blocked them from registering. You may have seen this message if you live in an area where your gambling legislature isn’t clear about the legality of online gambling, particularly if you live in the United States. The message will say something like “we have detected that you live in (insert country)” and then when you click the button for “yes” to indicate that you do live in that country, you are referred to a page that tells you members from your location are not allowed to register on the casino. What’s up with that?

Some Casinos Block Certain Jurisdictions

The reason you may get that message has to do with your countries gambling laws. Some online casinos won’t bother with players from a country where the laws governing online gambling are unclear. This is because of recent site seizures by countries that find a site is illegally operating with players from their country. So, if you have been blocked, that’s why. Our best advice is to move on and find an online casino that will accept your registration and your money.

Can I Get Around A Jurisdiction Block?

You can, but you also can’t. You see, you can click the button for “no” indicating that you don’t live in the country. When you do you are committing fraud, not just in your own jurisdiction but in whatever jurisdiction the online casino is governed by as well. You may be able to register on the site if you do this, and deposit your money. The casinos are all too happy to collect your funds. However, if you win you will run into trouble withdrawing those winnings. While the casino has legally accepted your funds because you have assured them that you are not from the blocked jurisdiction, it would be illegal for them to distribute the funds to a player from your jurisdiction. Are you seeing the catch 22 here?

Don’t Risk It – Be Honest When You Register

It is better to find a casino that welcomes players from where you live rather than trying to get around IP tracking. There are plenty of casinos out there and many accept players from around the globe. Find an online casino that welcomes you and skip those that block you for the best online experience.

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