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Visit Casino Fandango, Carson City, Nevada


Visit Casino Fandango, Carson City, Nevada

This month we plan to share four great Carson City, Nevada gambling vacation destinations with you. So far, we have shared the Carson Nugget Casino and the Carson Station Hotel Casino with you. Both of these, and the other two casinos we will be sharing this month, are about 30 miles south of Reno with easy access from Highway 395. Today’s featured Nevada gambling casino vacation destination is the Casino Fandango. What a cool name, huh? It has even cooler gambling inside.

Play At The Casino Fandango

Just a few addressed down from the Carson Station Hotel Casino you will find the Casino Fandango – which many frequent visitors to Carson City, Nevada are big fans of. Read on to learn why the Casino Fandanga has such a big gambling fan base among online casino players like yourself looking to take a break from digital gaming and get into brick and mortar casino action.

Mid-Size Casino Has Friendly Atmosphere

The Casino Fandango is about 43,000 square feet. In actuality it is market at 42,943 if you are into specifics. This Carson City gambling venue offers up some good gaming and has plenty of action to offer. You can find many different popular games you are familiar with and love playing the the Casino Fandango. If you want to learn more about the specific game offerings we suggest that you visit their easy to navigate website at This casino often has new games available so it’s best to check it out before you schedule your trip to see exactly what you will get on the game floor.

RV’s Are Welcome At Casino Fandango

If you like to vacation travelling by RV, then you will be pleased to note that the Casino Fandango has overnight RV parking. However, you may be a bit disappointed to learn that they don’t offer any RV dump facilities. You will have to go a spot down the road to the Gold Dust West for full RV park amenities. However, parking is free which is a nice perk.

Feed Your Belly And Your Gaming Desires

There are three restaurants available in the Casino Fandango area. Of course, there are plenty more just a short jaunt down Carson Street if you are looking for a specific type of fare. With so many great casinos on one street you also have a lot of eating options.

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