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Visit Carson Station Hotel Casino, Nevada


Visit Carson Station Hotel Casino, Nevada

This month we are all about the casino vacation destination in Nevada. There are plenty of places to support your gambling habit in Carson City, Nevada. Last week we shared the Carson Nugget Casino details with you. This week we will be talking up the merits of the Carson Station Hotel Casino for you.

Carson Station Hotel Casino Is Fun

This casino is a bit smaller than the 28,930 square foot Carson Nugget Casino. At Carson Station Hotel Casino you will find a 12,750 square foot gambling venue. However, the gaming action is just as much fun. You will not find craps or roulette offerings at this Nevada Casino vacation destination, so will have to visit one of the other fun casinos we share with you this month in the Carson City area if those are your gambling passions.

Enjoy Best Western Service

The hotel accommodations associated with the Carson Station Hotel Casino is Best Western service. This means if you are part of their perks program, you can earn some bonuses for staying at the Best Western as a frequent hotel customer. You will also be familiar with their affordable pricing platform for rooms and suites. Typically you can get one of the 92 different rooms for between $65 and $85 while suit accommodations will run slightly more in the $100 – $120 range. However, be sure to check out the Carson Station Hotel Casino website at for special discounts and deals depending on what time of year you plan to take your Nevada casino vacation destination trip.

Restaurants Offer 24 Hour Service

The Carson Station Hotel Casino has two restaurants for your eating pleasure. One of these is open for 24 hour service. If you don’t find these to your liking, you can pop back over the the Carson Nugget which is on the same street giving you five different restaurant venues to choose from for your meals. There are no buffet options available at the Carson Station Hotel Casino, which some visitors have seen as a bit of a let down as the whole “Vegas” experience usually entails delicious buffets. However, there is enough gaming action at the Carson Station Hotel Casino we think a little thing like having to pay for a meal isn’t much of a deterrent to this great Nevada gambling vacation spot being a real winner.

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