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Rate Vegas For iPhone: Your Las Vegas Companion


Rate Vegas For iPhone: Your Las Vegas Companion

Considered a “Travel App” at the App Store, RateVegas for iPhone: Your Las Vegas Companion, is published by Vegas Media Group, is targeted to savvy travelers ready to get the utmost enjoyment from their Vegas adventures with no hassle. RateVegas for iPhone: Your Las Vegas Companion provides users with the most comprehensive and updated iPhone access to just about every popular Las Vegas travel destination. From rating the myriad of restaurant choices to rating various hotels, RateVegas for iPhone with its optimized interface is a great choice for Vegas vacationers to augment their fun. This app offers comprehensive coverage of The Strip, Downtown, and many off-Strip casinos, along with the almost 500 accompanying restaurants, shows and nightclubs. In fact, they won the 2010 Trippies: Readers and Editor’s Choice for Best App Award, so you know this app is worthwhile to download and will be useful again and again.

Get Your Free Vegasmate Application Today

New on offer is Vegasmate, the Universal iPhone and iPad app guaranteed to blow you away. It is interactive and location-aware thanks to wi-fi and GPS connectivity, so it’s sure to provide travelers with the most accurate information available while they are vacationing, just when and where they need it. Restaurant menus and reservations via OpenTable, single-tap phone calling of listed restaurants via iPhone, or iPad comparisons of hotel room rates don’t begin to tell the whole story of just how incredibly useful and well-done the website and apps are.

Check Out The Companion Website For More Great Features

The companion website, free and available to everyone, is fantastically detailed yet straightforward and easy to use. It is fully searchable, and features detailed reviews, news, photo galleries featuring activities and destinations around town, and coupons for local businesses to help your vacation dollars stretch. It can be a timesaving and money saving tool.

Check Out Podcasts, Blogs And Social Media

The VegasGang podcast and blog, and Twitter and RSS feeds offer plenty of opportunities for interested vacationers to keep up to date on all of the latest happenings around town. There’s no reason to struggle with too many choices or outdated information – RateVegas makes it so easy and safe to keep in the loop and allows you to manage your vacation activity details with ease and confidence. Give them a try today, and see how much better your next Vegas vacation can be!

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