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PKR – Let’s Play Poker Online


PKR – Let’s Play Poker Online

PKR is a fun new online poker gambling experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before on the web. Players can experience poker in 3D on this website, and the gaming experience is phenomenal. You can even get a free $10 bonus to your account. That’s free casino money just for trying out this amazing new poker venue that uses state of the art technology and 3D graphical interface to bring you a truly unique online gaming experience. Even better, you can play for fun or for real cash money. You get to customize your PKR experience in more ways than one though.

Create Your Own Unique Poker Avatar

The PKR online poker room is like no other poker playing experience you will find online, but it could herald the future of casino gaming online. At PKR you are able to customize and generate your own avatar. You can create a virtual poker player who looks like you, or create a new you through the fun tools available on the site. Then take your avatar through game play with some sweet graphically rich 3D environments for gaming and meet other virtual gamers who share your passion for poker.

Advanced Game Play Features Make PKR

The advanced game play features allow you to read “tells” just as you would in a real poker match because you also get player personality with your avatar. You can use these tools to fake out opponents or put on a poker face. You can also interact with other players like you are really sitting the poker table. This 3D poker room experience makes you feel like you are at a real live poker game.

PKR Has More Than Four Million Users

At last published count more than four million people have taken advantage of the advanced technology of this 3D poker room from PKR. That’s four million unique avatars and online gamblers you could potentially interact with in this virtual world of gambling and cards. How absolutely fantastic is that?

Sign Up At PKR Today

New players can choose their bonus when playing for real cash money. Get a bonus of $10 free casino money, or get a 100% matching deposit bonus. The choice is yours. So, choose PKR today and enter the future of online poker gaming. The experience is like none other, and you can join four million people who have already sat at the virtual poker tables at PKR online.

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