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WinAsUGo™ Mobile Casino Blackjack


WinAsUGo™ Mobile Casino Blackjack

Playing blackjack games on your mobile device just got easier. With the Casino5 application from WinAsUGo™ you can quickly, and easily download the free blackjack gaming application and get playing today. You can choose whether you want to play for fun money, or real cash money with the WinAsUGo™ mobile casino download too!

How To Get Blackjack On Your Mobile Phone

First you need to download and open the Casino5 application. When you open the app on your mobile device you’ll be asked to access the network. You need to allow the Casino5 application to access the network or you cannot have access to the gaming options. The network is secure.

Choose Real Money Or Fun Money Games

The first thing you will be asked once you’ve accessed the network is if you want to play for real money or free games. Depending on the option you choose you will be taken to the correct interface for cash gaming or free gaming. The next step is to choose Blackjack from the gaming menu. It’s simple, just highlight Blackjack and click select and you will enter the game.

Customize Your Game With Easy Selections

You further customize your gaming experience on your mobile device by selecting your chip size. The chip size reflects your wager, whether playing for fun or real cash money. Click on select to finalize your choice. You cannot change initial chip size during game play, only between blackjack hands. Once you’ve selected a chip size it will be your default for all future games unless you reset it. However, bet increases are done using the cursor up or down buttons during game play.

Click Deal And Wait For Your Wins

Once you’ve selected chip size you click Deal on the menu and the gaming application will connect to the WinAsUGo™ network and deal you two cards. Your options are to hit, draw, stand, split or double. There is also an insurance option when the dealer is dealt an Ace. Wins or losses are credited and debited to your account balance automatically at the end of each hand. If you want to play again you need to select New Game from the menu and accept your default wagers, or select new chip size. Selecting Quit will allow you to exit the game. It’s really that simple to start playing blackjack on your mobile device. Why not download the Casino5 application today and play a few hands?

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