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Download Or Instant Casino Play – Which Is For You?


Download Or Instant Casino Play – Which Is For You?

When you visit a new casino web site you may notice that you are offered the option to either play instantly or download. There is little difference in the actual gaming experience when you play on the instant software or the downloaded casino platform in most cases. The main variation is that with browser based instant play you typically have fewer game choices for actual play.

How Does Instant Browser Based Gaming Work?

When you select the instant play option, you are playing the online casino games through your web browser. If you aren’t familiar with that term, your web browser may have a name like Internet Explorer 8, FireFox, or Google Chrome. This means that the casino instant play games are piped through your browser interface. Not all online casino instant play games work with all browsers. So, it is important to check out the specifications for each casino you are considering instant play gambling at. You don’t want your browser to freeze up or display the games improperly.

How Does Download Online Gambling Play Work?

When you download casino software you are installing a software application onto your computer. This application allows your computer system to access to web server. Think of a web server as the place where all the gaming is stored. When you use your login and password to access the casino gaming application, the application then accesses all the information you need to play the games. Some downloads do work independently of the web once you have them installed on your computer, however, most major casino websites do need internet access to process your deposits and withdrawals. This is particularly true when you get into live gaming casinos.

Which One Should You Choose?

That’s really a matter of personal preference. However, downloads usually feature more games, and they are really convenient. With instant play you can sometimes get your system hung up during times of high traffic on the site, which is always a bummer. You can avoid this with the download, and most casinos use virus and spyware protection so you don’t have to worry about any computer infections from the download. Also, most downloads take a mere minute or two even over a dial up connection, so it’s quick to get access to more games than you would have by sticking to browser based play.

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