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What To Do In Casino Chat To Stay Safe Online


What To Do In Casino Chat To Stay Safe Online

Just like any online chat room, casino chat games can fall prey to online predators who lurk in the shadows waiting to find their next victim. Whether they are seeking identity theft, or some other online scam – they do exist. The good thing is that almost all casino chat games have online moderators whose job involves keeping the casino chat rooms safe and on topic, which means on the game. Most of the time gambling lurkers are not tolerated and are quickly kicked out of the room. However, there are some things that you can do in casino chat rooms to make sure that you stay safe online and we’d like to share those casino tips with you so you keep your online entertainment fun.

Keep Anonymous But Friendly

In online casino chat rooms anonymity is a good thing, being anonymous starts with the creation of your user name. Create a casino chat room name that can’t easily be linked to the real world you. Avoid using your real name (first or last) or any special nicknames that your family members and loved ones have for you. Instead create a user name that is friendly, but totally unique and focuses on the game. Say you are a roulette player – you could choose wheelman, or if you love poker you could call yourself pokerchick.

Keep On The Game Not On Your Life

If you keep your talk focused on the game whether it is poker, roulette, baccarat, bingo, slots or some other fun casino game, you won’t be talking about yourself. Congratulate players on good hands, wins, and keep to the topic of the casino chat room. This keeps you from revealing personal information about your family, friends, where you live or what you do for a living. All of those things can be used by online predators to make you their victim.

Keep Friends And Family Details Anonymous Too

As you get into a specific online casino chat game and you end up coming back regularly because the crowd is so much fun you get more comfortable. It’s important to remember not to share details about your friends and family either. If you want to share daily living items with other casino chat game users you’ve come to know and trust, do so with acronyms or using initials instead of full names.

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