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Video Poker At Millionaire Casino


Video Poker At Millionaire Casino

Video Poker at Millionaire Casino is a unique intermingling of slots gaming and the conventional Poker game. Poker fans will appreciate the ease and usability of the website as well as the simplified navigation of the Millionaire Casino virtual gambling site. Read on to learn more about the Millionaire Casino.

Instant Play Or Download The Casino

You are supplied with the option to either download casino software for free or you can access an instant play area. You can play Video poker for fun or you can choose to play for real cash prizes too. The options at Millionaire Casino are extensive for players who gamble online at this casino venue.

Computerized Dealer Makes Gaming Fun

When you are playing Video Poker at Millionaire Casino, the house is a computerized dealer that supplies you with five cards for the first deal. You decide what cards to hold and what cards to discard; discarded cards are then replaced by the dealer so that you maintain a five card hand. Your goal is to finish out the card game with the best possible Poker hand.

Payouts At Millionaire Casino

Payouts vary and are entirely dependent on how much money you have bet and the cards you hold in your hand at the end of every round. The site offers up easy to understand payout tables so you understand fully what you can win if you place specific bets. The whole site is easy to navigate and comprehend making the online gaming experience fun for everyone.

Define Your Wager Like You Want It

As you play Video Poker at Millionaire Casino you can define how many coins you wager by using your mouse to maneuver the “coins” graphic button. You choose the number of coins you want to bet by using the mouse to click on the area in the pay table you are presented with on the screen.

Double Your Winnings With A Click Of The Mouse

If you are a winner of a round you are supplied with the option to try and double your winnings; you can use your mouse to click on the “double” button you are presented with on the screen. Enjoy hours of Video Poker at Millionaire Casino; get a 100% bonus on your first three account deposits, access bonuses every week, and become eligible for Vegas-style VIP rewards all at Millionaire Casino.

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