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Casino Phishing Email Scam To Watch Out For


Casino Phishing Email Scam To Watch Out For

Reports of casino phishing emails and scam alerts are circulating among industry bloggers. We wanted to make you aware of the potential dangers of these casino based email phishing scams although we have not personally received any of the fraudulent emails ourselves. If they are out there and you gamble online regularly your email could be targeted by online criminals who use these casino phishing emails to get your personal information for identity theft and online criminal activity.

What Is A Casino Phishing Email?

A phishing email is an email that is generated by a cyber thief. The email is their tool to get unsuspecting recipients to believe the email has come from a legitimate business or website and to then divulge your personal information to them when they ask you for updates in the email. A casino phishing email is simple one that is made to look like a real email communication from a legitimate online casino – when it really is not coming from the casino at all.

How To Handle Suspicious Email

The easiest thing to do if you receive a suspicious email is to delete it immediately. This way, you are not being infected with any potential viral components of the email. The worst thing you can do with a suspicious email is to click through a link “just to see” if it’s legitimate. At this point you’ve opened yourself up to potential viral infection and if you input any data into forms at the other end of the link you may have given an online criminal all the information they need to abuse that information and use it to access even more of your personal information online. Caution is a good thing when you receive suspicious emails.

Consider Forwarding The Email To Customer Service

If you like to help others, you may consider contacting customer service and forwarding the spoof email to them. This will allow the casino or bingo hall to review the email and investigate their potential sources. No casino wants phishing emails with their name on it going out to their members who count on them for security, privacy and safety with their online transactions. So, when these spoof emails do occur the casino wants to know about it and will investigate to get them stopped so players aren’t bothered in the future by them.

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