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Invite Your Friends – Earn Big Rewards


Invite Your Friends – Earn Big Rewards

We recently learned of one of our friends who is a big online gambler. She told us that she can regularly get hundreds of dollars of free casino money just by inviting her friends to play at her favorite online casinos. Now, this lady plays a lot of online casino games, but we figured you could most likely benefit from learning how she does it. By following this simple system you can get lots of referral bonus play at your favorite casino. Here’s how.

Step One: Pick just one of the online casinos that you play at. You don’t want to do multiple casinos at once. We’ll tell you why later.

Step Two: Read the online casino’s promotions page to learn about how their Refer-A-Friend program works. Ideally you are looking for a referral program that offers a no deposit bonus. Once you understand what your friends need to do to get the bonuses, and how your own bonuses are credit to your account you are ready for Step Three.

Step Three: Use the online tools at your casino to invite your friends. Start with 10 friends. Once you have sent the automatic invitation out to them, follow up with an instant message, email or wall post on your social networking site. In your communication you should tell your friend that you’ve sent them an invitation to game online with you, and let them know about your experiences. If there is no deposit required, explain to them that it’s a no risk situation. You can also tell them that when they register it is helping you out too because you get a bonus, even if they don’t decide to stay on the site.

Step Four: Wait. It’s just not classy to continually bug someone about a friend referral. If they haven’t responded within a week and you know they’re gotten their messages then you can follow up once. Email them and say you’re just wondering if they’d had a chance to look at the offer or if they’d prefer you not ask them about it again.

Step Five: When a friend responds to the casino invitation and you get your bonus, send them a thank you message, post or email. This will pay off when you get to step six.

Step Six: Pick a new casino and repeat the process by emailing the people who positively responded to your first casino invitation.

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