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Jack Of All Trades


Jack Of All Trades

They say that the jack of all trades is the king of nothing. This may be true in some situations, but when you find a hot game of video poker and sit down at the “Jacks or Better” game you are in for a good time and some good luck any time you see a jack show up on the screen. This simple but addictive game of video poker has become one of the most popular versions of video poker in land based casinos and in many online casino sites. If you have never played the Jacks or Better video poker, but you love playing other forms of video poker you are going to love it.

Jacks or Better allows the player to win in a hand that they have 2 jacks or anything better in their hand. In almost every case there is also a wild card or two so there are many winning or at least breaking even hands on this game. The even odds and fast action of this game really do make this a very popular “jack of all trades” game that is easy to learn and a lot of fun for both new and experienced players. Have fun finding the Jacks or Better Game at your favorite casino and getting lucky with your new found favorite video poker game.

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