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Winward Casino

Winward Casino has been an online gambling venue since 1998. They are popular with United States players because they have a minimum deposit of $25 with generous bonuses for new players. The sign up bonus has varied over Winward’s many years in business, but is typically a 100% match bonus up to $500.00.

Registration and deposit at Winward Casino are straightforward. However, locating a link for download is near impossible, so Winward Casino remains a browser based play option. You will need to have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer in order to maximize your success. However; Winward Casino does have a very easy to navigate browser based game-lobby that loads fast with a broadband connection.

The types of casino games available at Winward Casino are a typically mix. Blackjack is a popular game, along with High Limit Blackjack which offers minimum play of $25.00 and maximum play of $1000.00. There are also a couple of craps tables available. Both blackjack and craps tend to load a bit slower than the poker games on the Winward Casino website. Roulette is another popular choice of online casino game at this popular casino. You should be aware that Winward Casino offers American roulette and not European. The reason this is significant is that the extra zero of the American version increased odds in favor of the house instead of the player.

Overall, the game graphics were up to par with similar online casino environments. However, the sounds are a bit substandard with what is available through Flash technology these days and that is a bit surprising from a browser based game. However, Winward Casino till remains a highly popular casino gaming website because you can play at low limits.

In most instances, you can create game play for as little as a nickel. However, on the progressive games there are higher, set limits. Still there are so many different versions of poker games available that if you are a poker player, Winward Casino can give you hours of play with little investment. However, most of the poker games are only single hand, so if you enjoy multiple hand play you will want to choose a different online casino. However, you should be aware that if you select a Bingo game, it will take you to another browser based website, rather than staying on the Winward Casino main site although you do not need to register a second time.

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