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Vegas 7 Casino

Vegas 7 Casino is a microgaming casino which has been servicing the online gambling industry since 1999. Vegas 7 Casino is owned and operated by the popular Mini Vegas Group which has been a long standing force in online gaming websites. A majority of this popularity is due to the microgaming powered websites which allow users to play without a download. However, Vegas 7 Casino players can choose a fully downloaded user interface to play on as well.

Two downloads are available for players at Vegas 7 Casino. There is a small 3mb download and a fully loaded 8 mb version. People with broadband will want to download the larger file because it comes preinstalled with games, while the smaller download access the games each time you log in. However, both options for software download at Vegas 7 Casino will give you full access to all games on the website.

Registration is a standard form asking for contact details, and Vegas 7 Casino is very popular because of its free no-deposit bonus. It’s a small bonus of just over $10, but still it is free money for new players at the Casino as a thank you for sign on. Another reason Vegas 7 Casino is so popular is that they have up to a 150% match bonus for deposits up to $75.00, which can amount to a significant amount of free play on the site.

Vegas 7 Casino has more than two hundred gaming opportunities. A nice part of the website is that there is a game preview function that allows you to review the game. You do not have to download anything to preview and the easy to navigate menu system allows quick browsing and game selection. Games include popular casino standards such as Sic Bo, Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker, Blackjack and Three Card Poker. Vegas 7 Casino has a large variety of video poker games available. These games are playable as four, ten, fifty and one hundred hand versions which allow for extensive win possibilities.

Another reason to choose Vegas 7 Casino is the low bet amounts. On many of the games, the low bet minimum is just $0.50 making for hours of fun casino play. Graphics and sound effects on the Vegas 7 Casino website look and feel like you are in a real casino, so make sure you have your sound turned on. The only thing you’ll be missing is that smoky smell many brick and mortar casinos have.

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